What We Offer You

Every car and every client is different. With over 30 years of knowledge in the classic car market, we have the experience and expertise to find you the car that marries your budget to your dreams. We stock and find high quality cars in every price range and performance bracket. This is a bespoke business, and whether you are after a Ford Mustang or a Ferrari Maranello we value our clients, their questions and their cars. Every marque and every model is unique, these are rare assets and yet they offer a great drive and a real investment.

About US

Founder James Henderson’s passion is his business and he has clients who have grown up alongside the company, their car dreams shifting shape from boy racers to station wagons and Land Rovers and back to serious performance cars. We go with them all the way. At Greenside we have extensive knowledge of the market and this, combined with Henderson’s hawkish attention to detail has resulted in rare finds with great investment potential and superb performance. What other asset can you literally put your foot down in? We’re not just petrol heads, we care about the small stuff too. Want a classic first car? Or something small to cut a stylish groove through town? We keep a good stock of Minis, Fiat 500s and other subtle classics, as well as the ultimate country friend and investment machine, the Land Rover.

Q & A with JH

What’s Your Favourite Car?

"I can’t choose, but if I’m under the cosh I’ll say that Mercedes engineering and build quality makes their marque outstanding. So the Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3 Saloon has to be my first choice."

What Was Your First Car?

"Ah. Yes. A classic of sorts. It was an orange 1275 GT Mini. I was 18 and I ran it into the ground then bought a 1974 BMW 2002. Haven’t looked back, and neither have those two cars. It just shows that if you loved it the first time round, chances are it’s still going to set the pulse racing now."

What Performance Car is the Most Popular?

"It always comes back to Ferrari and Porsche. Supply and demand, there’s only ever a finite number of any classic, and these fly out of the showroom. They just keep going up, and they’re great to drive."

What’s the Car to Watch?

"Ford is coming up and it’s not just the Escort Mexicos that make headlines. Anyone retiring with a nest egg to spend is looking back to their hey day, and it could be a Cortina or really nice Anglia to get out and about at the weekend in, then put away for a rainy day."

What’s the best thing about your business?

"I love finding a car that’s been under the radar and matching it to a client who falls in love with it. The classic car world is a lot of fun and I am always glad when clients have a good time and get value for their investment."